Weekend ist partytime! iamlive 🙂 I just got dressed up in a retro 80’s wetlook outfit to go out with some friends… but when I checked my bathroom scales, it indicated that I was 2 pounds above my alowed limit for the tight wetlook pants! 😉 So it was time to for my special “instant diet” again! 🙂

I opened the toilet, kneeled down and sticked my fingers into my throat as deep as possible. But it just made me gag and drool…. but I couldn’t get my stomack to throw up all the bad stuff I had eaten today. As I have been in a hurry, I quickly called a friend to come over to give me a helping hand… and dick! virtual real porn 😉

He is kind of familiar with my special dieting precedure and when he finally arrived, he directly shoved his thick cock deep down my throat. After sliding his cock deep in and out, my saliva started to run in rivers… a good sign! 🙂

And just a few seconds later, I stated to throw up gallons of yucky vomit! The puke shot up my throat and out of my mouth like lava. out of a vulkan… all over my face and all over my new cloths. WHAT A MESS!!

Right after I had emptied my stomack, the guy emtied his balls on my and shot his semen all over my face, into my eyes, into my nose and into my mouth! gangbangcreampie 🙂

I lost more than just 2 pounds.. in just a few minutes! And got a rewarding facial! Thats what I call! 😉
But unfortunatily my cloths were totally soaked with all that digested food… So I took a shower with my cloths on to wash that stuff off….

As promised in my forum, I’ve added some high quality pics with the butterfly-bikini together with some other pics to the section. I will also try to get scans of the original printed catalog pages for the catalogs and flyers section! badoinkvr 🙂

As most of you probably remember, I have been on the Die Aerzte concert a few weeks ago. I had a lot of fun and Bela, Farin and the New Guy did a giant live chat show on free live chatrooms!

After they had finished their last song, I directly walked out into the hallways to go dick hunting! But the halways in the VIP area were still a bit empty at that time and so I checked out the men’s restroom hoping to find some cock in there. Luckily there was someone in there, still peeing…. He was kind of surprised when I asked him, if I can have his cock for a moment, but he let me proceed uncomplainingly.

You can download the full video … along with a lot of nice captures and some high quality photos. The video is available in low resoultion mpeg format and high resolution divx format. There is also a new pic of the month for the guests…. did some flashing after the show! 😉 (btw…. greetings to the naughtyamerica! ;))

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SexuallyBroken has a new update

This new update from SexuallyBroken is stuffed with BDSM scenes capturing princess Ashley Lane having her neck locked in a strict metal collar while her hands are shackled below her. She has no idea she will have one hard dick shoved down her throat within the next few seconds. Watch her struggling, watch her choking and moaning of pain, all at Sexually Broken!

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New release from HardTied

For those of you who love to watch caning, flogging, whipping, screaming, slapping, and all of the above what come under word “torture” for them is this new update from HardTied! This place is full of tied babes in ropes trying to escape, muscles twisted and struggling in bondage, ballgags and hardcore suffer! So if you lik!e it all, go to Hard Tied and enjoy it for yourself

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Want to feel SensualPain?

This slave here feels well when being used and abuse but today she is going to experience something new what she had never been through. She gets her body connected with all sorts of devices and fuckery, she screams of pain and her mascara is running down her face! Check out more at Sensual Pain and enjoy all new updates!

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RealTimeBondage is bringing new release

Do you want to watch Kate Kenzi’s Live show? Then this is the right place to be as you can see Kate having her hair attached to her feet which makes pulling her face back and her feet out. And what comes next is whipping her ass which makes her scream over and over, begging for mercy and wanting to escape from this torture! Enjoy it all at RealTimeBondage

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